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Market Research Workshop 23 24 25 May 2022
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Market Research Workshop


Course Description:

How to study international markets? Is it easy to access new customers in international markets? What should companies wishing to communicate with new customers do? What are the available tools to study and filter international markets? What are the most prominent countries competing for my products in the international markets? Where is the demand for my company's products concentrated in international markets?

Above is a list of questions this workshop on market access requirements and how to enter and study new markets attempts to answer to. This workshop aims to provide practical solutions and know-how to companies wishing to access and reach customers in international markets, covering the key steps of performing market studies, how to collect and analyze information on international markets and how to filter the markets available across the world.

Course Outcomes:

Upon attending this course, participants are expected to:

  • Learn about the developments of the international trading system.
  • Get familiar with the most important features of the Harmonized System and how to classify goods and products.
  • Get familiar with the requirements of exporting to international markets.
  • Identify the most important types of marketing research.
  • The stages of performing marketing research and how to analyze and filter markets.
  • Learn about marketing research mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Identify the most important ingredients for successful marketing research.
  • Identify the most important requirements of the marketing mix and the requirements for entering the markets.
  • Gain familiarity with the methods and mechanisms of performing competitive analysis in the target markets.
  • Identify the most important sources of data collection and analysis.
  • Learn how to choose target markets and keep out the surplus markets.
  • Identify the map of access to the target markets.
  • Learn how to prepare an export plan.

About the Trainers:

TRAINER COVERING DAY 1 AND DAY 2: Dr. Adel El Mahdy - Expert in Business Development and Market Access Requirements

Dr. Adel is the Director of the Social Service Center at the Faculty of Commerce, business leader at Helwan University, member of the Board of Directors, and rapporteur of the Academic Commercial Sector Committee.

  • (2007-2010) - Worked as a foreign trade expert at the Foreign Trade Research and Studies Center, Helwan University.
  • (1990-1993) worked as an Export Marketing Consultant and Trainer for Foreign Trade Training Center (FTTC), Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry in Egypt.
  • (1994-1998) worked as Executive Director of Al-Seef Center for Administrative and Economic Consultations, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • (1992/1993) Served as a member of the Board of Directors of El-Nasr Salt Company, the Holding Company for Mining and Refractories.
  • (1993) Served as a member of the Higher Committee for International Marketing, the Holding Company for Mining and Refractories.
  • (1989-2002) worked as a consultant for the National Group for Economic and Banking Consultations (NaGEBac Group), Cairo, Egypt.
Also serves as a team member and team leader for the following studies conducted by Al-Seef Center for Administrative and Economic Consultations in Riyadh:

  • Economic and financial evaluation of the National Gas Cylinder Factory, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Economic and financial evaluation of Al-Rajhi Company for Industry and Trade, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Administrative and organizational studies for many companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Feasibility studies for many projects in Egypt and many Arab countries.

Worked as a trainer in specialized fields with the following institutions:

  • The Central Bank of Egypt in the areas of international finance, financial markets and privatization.
  • Cairo and Alexandria banks in the areas of international financial markets.
  • The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, Egypt.

TRAINER COVERING DAY 3: Dr. Ahmed Qutqata - Expert in Trade Marketing and International Sales

Dr. Ahmed is currently working as a Sales Department Manager at El-Araby Group, and has more than 8 years of experience supervising the regional sales department at El-Araby Group, with a particular focus on Home Appliances and Air Conditioning sales in the Levant, Iraq and Saudi Arabia regions.

Mr. Ahmed's scope of work includes overseeing all sales activities within specific territories to consistently achieve and meet sales targets, implementing all sales and marketing programs within the territory, in addition to developing broad sales channels through existing dealers and achieving growth in customer sales.

He also possesses extensive business development skills, which helps Elaraby Group reach new markets by identifying new market needs and product opportunities as well as approaching new customers and preparing accurate sales forecasts.

Additionally, Mr. Ahmed has experience delivering and managing the training and development needs of his team in areas such as international marketing and sales, business development, leadership, and sales agreement negotiations.

Mr. Ahmed holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cairo University.