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International Negotiation and Debating Skills
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International Negotiation and Debating Skills


Program Description:

The Egyptian government has been working on attracting more direct investments into the country by reformulating and enhancing the Investment, Value Added Taxes, Industrial Licensing, Importers Registry laws and many other regulations. However, these policies can only succeed if there is a coherent dialogue mechanism in place that allows different stakeholders to negotiate, advocate for change and debate to reach an agreement that brings mutual interest to all involved parties.

Program Objective: 

 The purpose of this program is to strengthen the mechanisms of communication on the national, regional and international front by equipping trainees with the skill sets needed to participate in negotiations and debating sessions. Program covers the skill sets needed to be a successful negotiator, the process and phases of negotiations and debating, the methodologies, tactics and best practices to follow as well as red-lines. The program will also cover how to form coalitions, how to lobby to achieve interest and the different follow up mechanisms and tools.